What to expect

Your first session at the clinic lasts for approximately an hour. A full medical case history is recorded. You will be asked about your hobbies and daily routine, this often reveals clues to the root of the problem. All information given is confidential.

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You may be asked to remove your shirt or trousers, a handy pair of shorts is a good idea to put on. The examination involves assessing your posture and making simple movements to assess mobility. Osteopaths have a heightened sense of touch called palpation, this is used to locate areas of tightness and dysfunction. Reflexes, blood pressure and a variety of orthopaedic tests are also carried out to help diagnosis.

Once a full assessment has been carried out a working diagnosis will be formed and appropriate treatment then follows. The Osteopath may ask for permission to contact your GP for tests or onward referral if needed. X-rays, MRI or blood tests maybe requested with your consent to help manage the condition.

If at any time you feel uncomfortable or worried please inform the osteopaths so that they can help or work around any concern that you may have.