The treatments used

website 027Harmonics

Harmonic Technique is a form of passive rhythmic articulation. The body is rocked gently focusing on the joints and soft tissue. It has been shown to facilitate tissue repair increasing fluid flow and reduce oedema. Other benefits are at a neurological and psychophysiological level, altering pain perception, mood and behaviour. The technique can be used throughout the body but especially used in patience with acute pain and those with hip problems.

High Velocity Low Amplitude Thrust

This is a technique frequently carried out by Osteopaths and Chiropracters. The technique involves applying a quick thrust over a short distance. This is a precise technique applied over a specific area. It is commonly used over restricted spinal facets joint but can also be applied to the other joints of the body. The thrust may be accompanied by an audible click or pop. The reason for this pop is up for discussion, but many theories agree that it maybe due to a nitrogen gas bubble popping when the synovial joints are freed up.

Neuromuscular Technique (NMT)

NMT uses semi static pressure applied along the length or across muscle, joints or connective tissue. In response the tissues lengthen to a normal resting state. Circulation is improved, trigger points are reduced, neural stimulation is normalized and pain is much reduced. In turn movement and function is restored.
I often apply these techniques for those with injuries sustained through bad posture as office workers and taxi drivers. I find NMT also beneficial when working with those suffering from sports related injuries and nerve entrapment.

website 039Craniosacral Therapy

This treatment works with the body’s ability to self correct and regulate. Gentle pressure is used allowing the hands to “listen” for pulls and strains. The body is gently held allowing for the tissue to relax, soften and unwind. It is helpful for patience in a great deal of pain where other methods are too unbearable. The patient often experiences a sense of deep relaxation and calmness following this treatment. Cranio sacral is also beneficial to young children and even babies showing signs of distress.